Thursday, February 12, 2015

Annual Family Pics

We kicked off the month of November enjoying a family photo shoot with our favorite friend & talented photographer, Trey.  He has an incredible ability to capture our kiddos personalities perfectly.  I tear up each time I look through the photos.  Here are a few of my favorites.
In true Throw Back Thursday fashion - a few shots from previous pic sessions with Trey.


I could look at pictures all day long - Today, that's pretty much all I've accomplished.  Can't wait to dig through pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Semi-Annual Blog Post

I'm laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.  My virtual scrapbook of our kids is starting prove to be a difficult task.  Between the 'cleaning, feeding, refereeing, school readying, REPEAT' grind, I'm falling short on the 'memory keeping'.

I had honestly forgotten about this blog, until David, upon observing Renner & Tinsley's finished Valentine's, so eloquently stated "Take pictures, put them on your blog.  Remember when you weren't so lazy & obsessed with the Real Housewives?".  Now - to be fair (to me) - if/when WE, & I stress 'we' because he loves the shows, too, watch the Real Housewives, it's in bed, after 10pm, when my day is finished, cleaned, and I'm prepped for the next day.  [hope you didn't read that last sentence without taking a breathe]  If the TV is on during the day, it's Star Wars Cartoons or Paw Patrol - always Renner's choice.

If David really wanted to push my button, he would have taken a dig at the 2 hours a week I set aside to watch the Bachelor, tape delayed to avoid commercials, ahem, with him.

That being said, when I pulled up the blog today, I was filled with shock & disbelief that I had not posted a single thing since October.  SHAME, Shame, shame...

More aggravating than that - I have no verbal excuse, and we all know, I love excuses.  I'm full of them.  One I can't stand above all others - I'm busy (or any form of).  I'm so busy.  I've been so busy.  I'm too busy.  (See below fictional conversation)  

Me:  Hey, how are you? 
Anyone:  Good
Me:  What's new, what have you been up to?
Anyone:  Nothing, I've just been busy. 

UGH!  My skin is crawling.

To move forward - I'll take your 'lazy & Real Housewives obsessed' remark, Mr. McCollum - otherwise...I've got nothing.

Since there's no good segue to photos after that longer than intended rant, let's jump into our time machine & get caught up, shall we? 

Last October, Asher's school hosted a Fall Festival.  My charming & handsome husband worked hard on a project I'm sure the school will treasure for years to come - pictured here - along with the three projects we, collectively, work hard on daily!
Of course, no fall fest is complete without a parking lot train ride - always a crowd fav.
Asher taking part in the school Halloween Parade - which was really a one person at a time walks across a stage, thing.  This was a really big step for our shy guy. 

Birthday time - we celebrated PopPop's birthday.  He clearly needed help with the candles. 

Next up in October - Miss Toots MaGoots 4th birthday.  The fact that she's only four still blows my mind.  She gives my conversation skills and patience a new challenge every day.  When I'm not knee deep in a discussion with her, but am an observer, I'm frequently freighted by how much of 'me' she's picked up.  (Luckily she's asleep by the time I turn on the 'lazy' and watch RH - can't let it go, can I?)  Funniest though, any suggestion I make to her - and it doesn't matter the category; I think you should eat this snack, wear this outfit, play with this toy, color with this.  In all previously mentioned scenarios, this becomes the last option - almost loses existence - because I recommended it.  AND, I guess now is a good time to mention that reverse psychology only works on the males in this household.  Here are a couple pictures from Tinsley's 4th birthday.
Of course, when you make the play stop, to grab a group picture showcasing the fun everyone is having...

Next Up - The Halloween Parade at Tinsley & Renner's school...
Halloween Party at Tinsley's Dance Class
And finally, Halloween...
Shortly after we headed out to trick-or-treat - it started to sprinkle & the temp rapidly dropped.  We kept waiting for the kids to want to call it - nope.  They ran their little hearts out, door to door, in the rain - nothing but pure cold, wet, candy-filled fun

To wrap up Fall - one last school festival - this time Tinsley & Renner's.
And Bibi's 17th Birthday...

And looky here - it's November - who's ready?